Beauty editorial by Zala Hrastar x Sara Živič.

In the past year, when free of any university work, I decided to focus more on what I really love to do (making one-of-a-kind out of second-hand and waste-textile garments) and to evolve more into what I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t take some real time to do it the way I wanted (photography). When photographing my graduate collection Rozalija, I had so much fun working with Hana and Sara, I instantly knew I want to do it more often. Most of the time my shoot set was outdoors, so I wanted to challenge myself in the studio; playing with lights and shadow. I really know little of any equipment, but I didn’t want this to stop me, so I do what I do best; improvise. When photographing Cvetka, working with Maja; my always-there-for-me amazing human, I enjoyed taking close-ups more than anything. It’s just always so much fun being around her, her energy is so contagious. That’s when I decided I want to try one shooting dedicated only to portrait beauty-shots. I invited Sara for collaboration, and she introduced me to Loti; working with them was a blessing and I really love the final result. We were in the studio for so long, the security guard almost locked us in the building. That’s what it means to have fun; forgetting the time and just being in the moment. For the future, I wish to make some more editorials, trying different styles in different environments, but most importantly working and meeting new people, presenting their energy.

Patchwork sweaters, shirt: Zala Hrastar
Blue top: Ela Mejač
Dress: Ema Uršič & Ela Mejač
Makeup: Sara Živič
Model: Loti Gorenc