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Veronika Malačič

Veronika Malačič is a 21-year-old student of graphic and interactive communications, based in Piran, Slovenia. Two different editorials, which we are presenting today, have been created during her semester aborad, in Leeds, England, where she had studied fashion photography. Open space, is a collaboration between Veronika and two fashion designers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, department of textiles and design: Metka Jelek and Katarina Kimovec.

Editorial 1

Photography: Veronika Malačič

Model: Lea Natalie Kosmačin

Clothes: Metka Jelek

Mua: Megan Mechelle Dalton

Editorial 2

Photography: Veronika Malačič

Model: Paulina Batistič

Clothes: Katarina Kimovec

Mua: Taja Širca

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