FashionUTOPIA by Janja Videc

UTOPIA by Janja Videc

We’re officially saying goodbye to the fashion hierarchy as we have previously known it. No more exclusive fashion week invites, sitting all the way in the back, arguing with hostesses to get your assigned seat, barely experience runway show as it should be seen.

Janja Videc presents her newest collection, Utopia, with a twist: virtual fashion show, available to everyone. And might we add, FRONT ROW.

New circumstances we are currently facing in the world are not stopping the creativity of our dear fashion designer Janja Videc, who will showcase her Spring / Summer 2020 collection in a virtual runway – live on Facebook, allowing every single one of you to enjoy it front row, from the comfort of your home.

With Utopia, we will travel into a magical garden, which is hidden in each and every one of us. Where everything is as it should be, even though it may, at a first glance, seem just the opposite.

As Janja said this collection “talks about easiness and floral spring awakening, not just on the outside, but even more on the inside.” Even though Utopia was at first set to be quiet different, she later decided to go with the flow and surrender to the easiness of spring, which we all crave for.

Virtual fashion show took place just today on her official Facebook page.

Behind every single collection from Janja Videc, there’s always a story derived from her years long research of women’s archetypal characters – most prominent is the archetype of a witch and tradition connected to our ancestors (connecting to her Witches Sisterhood brand (link!) At the forefront of this collection, is the awakening of values such as connecting humans back to community and nature, solidarity, love and openness. She designs clothes with a body positivity mindset, how and where the clothing is made and what feelings do they awake in us.

Janja’s slow fashion and sustainable approach to design confronts the current fast fashion industry, impersonal mass production, which we are all slowly getting tired of. She believes that we all want our clothing and in general items we own to be designed with a story and soul: “We want more human interactions, more content, and higher quality production of materials. We simply can’t take it for granted, how we feel in clothes we wear and how we express ourselves with them to the rest of society.”

Photography: Nike Koležnik

Model: Sandra Videc

Clothes: Janja Videc


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