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Tjaša Barbo

Māgoa presents Slovenian photographer and filmmaker Tjaša Barbo.

“Because of my fascination of human features and the anatomy of facial expressions I was always interested in the art of telling a story through portrait photography. I am looking for stories hidden on a human face that is full of clues and that can be seen either in a form of traces or a detail that Barthes called punctum that takes over and grabs my attention. I am not interested in the subject I photograph only from an ‘aesthetic’ standpoint, my goal is to get under the surface, in the life of the people I photograph with the intention to find authentic emotions and reactions. My goal is to make the people I photograph feel safe and create some sort of intimacy between me and the subject and to bring them to a point when they forget they are being photographed, which is quite challanging sometimes to say the least. I take away all the context, so all I have is the person in front of a white background, the camera and me.

My photographs with Tisa are a part of my Women photo series that is about all the women that have inspired me in some kind of way. Working with her is effortless, she brings her own creative ideas to the photoshoot and makes my job seem easy.”

Photography: Tjaša Barbo

Model: Tisa Lozej


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