FashionThree Queens of M.erch

Three Queens of M.erch

We present our limited edition Three Queens of M.erch bundles. Express you inner queen with the recommended combination of m.erch. Pick a queen that best describes you and your fashion sense and start shopping.


“I don’t dress up as a woman: I dress up as a caricature of a caricature of a woman.” -Trixie M.

Wrap yourself in your favourite colours and let you inner Trixie loose. Express your love to our dearest shade of pink and look amazing while doing it. Use this limited time offer and get your own Trixie bundle that contains 1x Māgoa x Kiss the future sweater in pink & yellow and 1 pair of Māgoa socks in white for the price of 40 EUR. Double the pink, double the style.

Feeling our Trixie bundle? Get yours HERE.


“Costume yourself in the way that you fantasize, make that into a reality, and then go right into the universe looking like an exceptional being.” -Sasha V.

Red and pink don’t go together? Bi*ch please, we wear this iconic colour combo proudly. Listen to your inner Sasha and always express your (crazy) fashion ideas. Get this limited edition Sasha bundle that contains 1x Māgoa x Kiss the future sweater in pink & red and 1 pair of Māgoa socks in white for the price of 40 EUR. And. Make. Them. Stare.

Feeling our Sasha bundle? Get yours HERE.


“It’s like you have a headache made of fashion. Like, OMG fashion headache.” -Katya Z.

Need an amazing looking outfit to work with your crazy? We got you! Live out your best Katya moments in our m.erch. Don’t miss out on our limited edition Katya bundle that contains 1x Māgoa x Kiss the future sweater in white and 1 pair of Māgoa socks in pink for the price of  40 EUR. Let your crazy out.

Feeling our Katya bundle? Get yours HERE.


Our sweaters are handcrafted with care by Kiss the Future. Made in Ljubljana, Slovenia and out of 100% cotton. Material is also of local origin, made in Lokateks, Gorenjska predilnica. We create clothes for real life and real people. We don’t differentiate based on gender, so all our sweaters are unisex.

Read more about M.erch here.


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