It’s summer. I was never one for routines but in the summertime all of that changes. And I don’t mind it one bit.

Sundays slowly shifted from my least favorite day in the week to my favorite. It hits differently, when sunrays gently caress my face and slowly wake me up. If that were to happen any other day, I would probably wake up grumpy and be mad at the sun for stealing my sleep! Bad sun!

You’ve seen the visual representation, but this is how most of my Sundays actually are in detail; I wake up and have a cup of turkish coffee from my favorite mug. After that I lay around in my bed and switch from one crinkled side to the other and lay on top of my boyfriend until he’s had enough of me. Sometimes, we get cozied up and watch a Bob’s burger’s episode.

Then we debate what we are having for breakfast (when I say debate, I mean that he throws options at me and I can’t choose because there are too many, so we decide to skip it). When I feel confident in my decision we eat eggs with avocado on toast.

We put on our looking-effortless-but-it’s-really-not- sunday-attire, slide on our slides and get on our way. We park our car in Trnovo and get a coffee to-go at the cutest cafe, Mala Pražarna. They roast their coffee beans in house so if you are ever near, go get some good coffee and #supportlocal!

Then we make our way to Breg where the flea market is. We walk around and when something catches my eye, I’m like a crow: “Ohhh, shiny, shiny! MUST. BUY.” As tradition goes, I of course have no cash because I never go to the ATM. MiLLenNialS. FuTurE. No CAsH, pLasTic MoNey, YeS, pLs. I wanna buy something and I can’t. I bargain a good price and then have to walk 15 minutes to the closest ATM. After a few weeks I learned that there was an ATM right there in front of my eyes, a little hidden, but nevertheless. Naturally, the next time we go to the flea market – again, I don’t have cash because the machine is right there and if I fancy anything I can get the money. But the universe said: “LOL, nope. It’s too easy for you.” “NI V DELOVANJU” sign gauges my eyes out. Well, sh*t. That retro poster will just have to go about its life without me.

Empty handed, we show up at Moderna – our favorite place to chill on Sundays. We sit down and of course, we order easily the best in-house cocktail – Morning sour. If you’ve never had it, then you don’t know what you are missing. Your life has not begun. Harry Potter has not defeated Voldemort. Carrie hasn’t ended up with BIG. Ironman is still alive. NSYNC is still together. La-la Land won an Oscar. It’s a cocktail with a home-made coffee liqueur, infused with super aromatic citrus notes. When you smell it, it’s what a Yankee candle would smell like if they had a coffee and lemon scent. A-ma-ZING! Get it? ‘Cause zing? Lemon? Ok.

Anyways, we sit there for a few hours, my boyfriend is reading a book and I’m doing crosswords. I’m feeling super smart because I did a few by myself and then I see the cover. “LAHKO Razvedrilo”. Lahko, my a**.

We start to get peckish. “Falafel at Šeherezada?” Sure, why not?

We put on some Bu-razor and drive back home (shameless plug). We get cozied up again. We close our eyes. It’s Monday, already. The sun woke me up. Blah. Sundays are the best!

Nina Burazor




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