We are happy to receive new submissions from perspective artists and journalists around the world. Here is a short guideline on how to submit to Māgoa Magazine. Please, notice that all the submissions that will not follow these guidelines will not be examined.

For fashion editorials please send as a first preview in a single PDF or ZIP file of at least 6 photos. If you are a graphic designer or an artist of any other medium, send us a short preview of your work also in PDF/ZIP. Māgoa also produces its own fashion editorials, so all fashion designers can submit their designs as well. In-house projects are open for all models who are building their books. Models or representing modeling agencies should submit al least 3 photos (one close up and one full figure portrait are required). For all the articles english is obligatory. Art, design and fashion projects must be titled when submitted. After we have received and examined your work, we will contact you with further information.

You can send us your work at [email protected].

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