Māgoa presents Zala and Gašper’s brand new song Signals as well as the accompanying animated music video, which was made in collaboration with Luka Šantl and Tatjana Kotnik. Read more about their thoughts on creative process down below.


The first version of “signals” was made about a year ago (November 5th 2018). After some time of being together we started noticing a certain situation repeating a lot – one of us would drift away sometimes and then the other person would ask “where are you?” or “where are you swimming?” and that’s the inspiration behind one of the chorus lines “i just wanna know where you go”.

Funny thing with “signals” is that we would each tell you different versions of what this song is actually about. Ironically, that’s partly also the meaning of the song. It’s about signals getting interrupted while travelling from the source to the receiver. It’s about the same words being interpreted in so many different ways. It’s about getting to know ourselves and the way we perceive things. This song is about learning new things about ourselves, about other people, about nature and environment, about signals that we receive from the outside and within ourselves.

A couple of weeks after the first version was made, we went to Prague to record some instruments for other songs and when we were done, we started playing with one of the synths. We used “signals” for background while we fooled around with tones and sounds. There was this particular sound that sounded kinda silly and we started playing this melody, as a joke at first. After a while we realized it sounds like a signal breaking and it fit the lyrics perfectly. We were super excited to match the sound to the lyrics and the meaning of the song on a deeper level.

About the video

We’ve always been fans of animated film. It has the power to introduce a story and emotions in a very specific way. There was this art film projection last year, where we saw an animated film by Luka Šantl (Gašper’s brother). It was amazing and wonderful and we immediately knew we wanted him to make the music video for signals. He and his girlfriend Tatjana Kotnik started working on it a while ago and left us kind of in the dark in the middle of the process. We weren’t sure what to expect exactly, but it was so worth the wait. This video is totally different from what we’ve seen before and it gives the song an additional meaning. You can really feel the lines of the song while you watch the video and they hit hard. We couldn’t be happier with this product and how well it fits the song. Happy to be surrounded by such creative and nice people.

Luka’s words

Signals is at its core a story about trust and connection between two people in moments when direct communication seems to be failing. About forming new connections when separated by any form of distance. Video focuses on representing through symbols this intangible bond between different things and beings who might not be fully aware of the true nature of their connectedness, but keep trusting their intuition.

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Graphics: Luka Šant, Tatjana Kotnik

Photography: Lana Špiler


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