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Samantha Kandinsky

“Edgy, provocative, raw.”

The moniker of Samantha Kandinsky stands for a young Croatian fashion photographer, living and working in Ljubljana since 2011. Samantha’s work has been published abroad numerous times (i.e. Kalt-blut magazine, Institute magazine, Vulkan magazine) and had her solo exhibition in Croatia, titled “Chromantic dolls” in 2013, which was her first fashion editorial. She graduated in Ljubljana from the Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering; Graphic and Media Technology department.

The editorials could be seen as a metaphor for self expression and personal discovery, as she tests and proves that her divergent feelings can work in a banded uncommon stimulating visuals that feature the challenges she brings to view. Her photography is edgy, provocative and raw, showcasing the all-encompasing phases of life. Within her work she exhibits the prowess to reveal herself by means of photographs; covering a wide range of topics, emphasized in a comprehensive display of various subjects. Samantha’s fashion photography is not just an empty shell – behind every photograph there is a profound yet subtle story and a deeper meaning, which every observer has to find and interpret for oneself.

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