LYC. Drop.


Lyc derives from a group of skaters from Ljubljana, which is separated into different branches – even though they originally started as skaters, they are now working on multiple different projects, from clothes and fashion to videography, music, etc.

LYC. Drop.



Consisting of two terms. Having or using two names.

Expression of the sum. A theorem about powers.

Wavelet decomposition. A type of probability.

A test of significance.


Pagan and Proud


11th of May 2018

Janja Videc unveils her newest collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana.

She does not just design. She builds. A community.

A community of modern witches that are on a search for lost authenticity.

A community of witches that are trying to emancipate from centuries long oppression.

Witches who are the granddaughters of the witches they were not able to burn.

Follow her journey and join the movement.

Pagan and Proud