ArtOrigami by Zalagasper

Origami by Zalagasper

Zalagasper, our favorite musical duo, released a new song titled Origami, which may seem like a love song at first, but actually talks about searching for our own perfect place under the sun. »This emphasizes the true value of emotions, and that it’s the most painful, when we don’t feel anything at all. We are like blank pieces of paper, which fold into various different shapes.«

This song has a special creative background as well. Zala and Gasper wrote it during the quarantine: this song was created in a very closed-off space and it was recorded entirely in our living room. This all happened during the lockdown, when we have experienced each and every day very differently. Feelings of emptiness were sometimes soothing, but on other occasions very hard to deal with. During this time period, we were searching for new hobbies and learning new things. One of the routines we picked on was origami, which we were folding during our mornings together.«

For the new single they also presented a music video, which consists of evening shots from the beach in Tel Aviv, dating back to last May, where they represented Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

You can check the entire video here:



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