Māgoa presents Neo or Neon: in celebration of a new outlook on the society. 

This is the cover editorial for our second print issue, which was shot by one of our favorite Slovenian photographers, Lucija Rosc – extremely talented girl, which you’ll undoubtedly hear more of in the future, so we are honored to showcase her talent on the front page.

As a sustainable community, we have decided to print the second issue on demand, meaning you’ll receive it about a week after you place your order on our online shop. Because of that, we have also decided to create a digital version of the magazine, to minimize excessive waste as much as possible. So, if you still want one, click HERE to pre-order a copy for yourself. AVAILABLE NOW!

Photo: Lucija Rosc

Model: Petra Leskovar Grum 

Creative direction: Ana Žnidaršič 

Clothing: Vanja Peulić, PULZ Second Hand, Deichmann 

Styling: Nina Burazor, Ana Žnidaršič 

Make up: Nina Burazor

Hair: Kaja Škerjanec

Assistants: Anita Končar, Hana Podvršič

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