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Māgoa presents Maša Stanić, a talented analog photographer, based in Vienna Austria. Read more about her and the work she does in the interview below.

First of all, hi Maša. We are so glad to present your talented to our online readers. Could you quickly introduce yourself in a few short sentences. 

My name is Maša (24). I’m living in Vienna, Austria but my roots are Serbian. I work as a photographer and I also study photography (University of applied Arts Vienna). So if you ask me what my life is about: photography (laugh).

What first got you interested in being a photographer?

My parents bought a little digital camera for travelling when I was 14 and I started using it for fun. So basically that’s where it all started. Thanks to mama and papa.

How would you describe your beginnings in the creative field? Was this the career path you have always wanted or is it different from what you have imagined it to be?

I never really thought about it. I just loved to do it and I knew I’m gonna work and make money as a photographer one day. But I was never thinking too far in the future because in the end you can’t control most of the things, you can only lead them in a certain direction.

How did you develop your distinctive visual language which we see in your work today? Did you know it since the very beginning or was it more of a gradual process?

A few years after I started with photography a visual language was the only thing I was obsessing about and I was trying to find it for a long time. A signature, a certain style that I can rely on. It took me a while to find what fits me the best, by being stubborn and trying everything out. But now here I am, quite happy with my results (for now).

Are there any photographers who have particularly influenced you?
Not really, I was always very bad at research and I never really cared what other photographers did, so there are no particular ones I was obsessing about. With this I’m not saying, that I don’t like and care about other photographers, there is plenty of them I love, but I think influences can come from anywhere (and sometimes subconsciously from seeing other photographs).

Does your art (photography) have any specific political or social components?
I’m trying to keep as far as possible away from being political. I’m not being ignorant but I don’t want my work to be part of this very serious topic. I want them to be free.

Where do you do most of your work?

Can’t say, but probably in Berlin I get the best shots I would say.

What do you do, when you don’t take photos?

Trying to live life to the fullest and do funny stuff with funny friends. In the end it’s all about having fun.

There is this assumption in the art industry that difficult times and experiences lead to the artist’s most creative work. What is your take on that? Where do you draw your own inspiration?

Can’t say if that’s true, I had a few experiences where difficult times lead to creativity but as well experiences that dragged me down. So I think it depends. I see myself as a hunter. And sometimes a hunter is motivated and sometimes not. My pictures are mostly happening very randomly and unexpectedly. So basically, I could say my environment is my inspiration. If something/someone catches my eye and I’m motivated, I’m gonna go for it.

What is one project you are most proud of?

One that is not published yet. Not gonna spoil it!

What technology / software / camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best?

I shoot only analog, that’s very important to me. I don’t want to be distracted by too many options. With analog I limit myself to only 36 pictures per film and I don’t see them right away, which makes me think more about my subject and how I am going to capture it.

What’s the best thing someone has said about your work?

That my pictures are more about myself than I thought they were. That’s always good to hear that people see the artists character in their artworks.

What would you like to see more of in the photography world?

I don’t know, there is so much nice stuff already (also bad of course). Couldn’t say what’s missing. I’d even say, nowadays with the internet, there is too much. We don’t appreciate pictures as people used to do before, because we are constantly consuming. So in the blink of an eye, we see something but in the next one, we’ve already forgotten about it.

What is the best thing you have experienced by being a photographer so far?

Being a photographer is so much more than just taking pictures. You get to experience and document other topics/fields/lives/etc. It’s the best you could do as a curious person that is always hungry for new adventures and experiences. And you get to know so many interesting individuals.

Maša, thank you very much for your time and answers. The best of luck with your career and upcoming projects. 

Visit Maša’s website and Instagram.

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