ArtMāgoa 2.0

Māgoa 2.0

This post was more than a year in the making, but we finally made it: NEO is here!  We are proud to present our second print issue of Māgoa Magazine, titled NEO or NEW.

When we finally decided on the theme of the second issue back in February, we haven’t even realized how important it was going to be on its release date now in July. Who would have predicted 2020 was going to take a drastic turn in this direction, we are facing today.

According to our original plans, this was going to be an experimental, light-hearted issue that we thought our market needed and deserved.  However, plans change. Because of that, we decided to postpone the launch from May to now, to not turn a blind eye and properly address everything that has been going on in our society.

So what’s in store with the second issue? With exclusively produced content for neo, spread across 104 pages, you’ll dive into our vision for rebranding of this society, where do we go from now and what we can do about it. Cover was shot by one of our favorite Slovenian photographers, Lucija Rosc – extremely talented girl, which you’ll undoubtedly hear more of in the future, so we are honored to showcase her talent on the front page.

As a sustainable community, we have decided to print the second issue on demand, meaning you’ll receive it about a week after you place your order on our online shop. Because of that, we have also decided to create a digital version of the magazine, to minimize excessive waste as much as possible. So, if you want one, click HERE to pre-order a copy for yourself. AVAILABLE NOW!

List of shops selling printed copies of Māgoa Magazine

Zoofa: Breg 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Saloon, Trubarjeva cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Studio 183, Budapester Str. 46, 10787 Berlin, Germany


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