Mad Luxury

“Mad luxury” is what happens when prestige receives a twist of madness, when the real side of “fanciness” reveals. It portrays the love for the bizarre and odd looking, using both classic and traditional forms. The beauty of the weirdness and ugliness. This production displays uncomfortable situations using harmony and aesthetics.


Noam Roaky (21) is a fashion and creative director, who works to lead people in creating something they believe in together. In my work, I hope to change people’s views on things. To create a product that will make every person stop and ask themselves different questions. I learnt that the most important thing for an artist, when creating, is believing in what you do, in the story you tell your audience. You need to make your colleagues believe in themselves and in your idea. This production was created with a talented group of young and ambitions people I have met over the past few years. Together, with no budget and a lot of will power, we were able to engage with the viewers and make them doubt what they have seen.

‏Model: Yuval Beller

‏Creative and fashion director: Noam Roaky

Photography: Avner Marcovich & Lior Harel

Art & graphic design: Offri Millman

Video editor: Lior Harel

Makeup artist: Anna Drizo

Producer: Noam Roaky & Danielle Williams

Clothes & accessories: Golda second hand

 ‏Music: Shtuby – What?! Solo