Māgoa. Art of people we love to follow, create with and promote. Art of people with whom we share our visions, moments and stories at the end of this 1styear journey. Māgoa is a group of friends and artists, who dreamed up a new open platform. By now, you all probably know our story. Today marks another chapter of Māgoa.

We are happy to present our own line of products titled M.ERCH. For our first official project we have collaborated with Slovenian fashion designer, Kiss the Future, and created a limited-edition line of pink & white sweaters.

They are available in 2 different designs and 4 color combinations, all oversized: white with large graphic (black or red print) // pink with yellow or pink with red design (Māgoa’s most recognizable color combination), both with small graphic in red.

All of them can be found in our online store: M.erch

Here are three facts about our new line of sweaters:


Our most important factor when creating the sweaters was to support local production and designers, because we firmly stand for sustainable fashion and pieces that carry a story behind them. They are handcrafted with care by Kiss the Future. Made in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Sweaters are made out of 100% cotton. Material is of local origin as well, made in Lokateks, Gorenjska predilnica.


When it comes to size, we create clothes for real life, and real people. Because we don’t judge or differentiate based on size. Or your gender. It’s all one size and unisex.

Visit our online shop: M.erch


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