ArtLovekovski: Korenje

Lovekovski: Korenje

Māgoa presents Lovekovski and their newest music video for the song Korenje, directed by Ula Pogorevčnik.


Concept of a music video

Music video is a critique of patriarchal society and in what ways do we young people confront it. Carrots are a symbolic weapon by which we resist social systems, government measures and rules. The protagonists with humorous actions, united in a joint journey, seek and demand equal rights for all, regardless of any affiliation.

BIO (Ula Pogorevčnik, music video director)

Ula Pogorevčnik (1996) was born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. She currently lives and works in Ljubljana, where she recently graduated as a textile and fashion designer at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. During her studies and now afterwards, Ula has been involved in various festivals, exhibitions and events with her projects. She mainly deals with video and film directing. She submits her short films to festivals around Slovenia and abroad. Her short film ‘Sheltered’ was screened at the Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož, among other festivals in 2019. The film was also awarded two awards at FLIF festival in Tržič. Ula is interested in the whole process of filmmaking, so she also edits and shoots her own films.

As a scenographer and costume designer, she also works on various video-film projects and television shows, and most of all she works as a director and screenwriter for her own videos and films. In a directorial role, she recently appeared in the music video for a young slovenian duo. In the past, she has worked as an assistant to a costume designer in two plays at the theater. As an assistant to a scenography apartment, she has worked on a television series. She also worked as a editorial assistant on other television series. Ula likes to work with various artists and is interested in a wide range of art. She is very fond of performance and installations. Together with different teams, they enjoy creating so-called photo stories, where together with the photographer they create the concept of photoshootings and styling of models. She is most motivated by projects that are conceptually well-conceived and tell important stories. In-depth research, making moodboards and strong visuals have always been close to her. The topics she touches range from nature, outreach to people and various experiments. In the future, she would like to deepen and expand her oeuvre as a film director.

Lyrics: ​Niki Lapkovski

Music: ​Niki Lapkovski, Neža Dobrovoljc

Mix and Master: J​ure Anžiček, Luka Seliškar


Script and Direction:​ Ula Pogorevčnik

Director of Photography: L​uka Karlin

Set Design: ​Ula Pogorevčnik, Niki Lapkovski

Editing: ​Ula Pogorevčnik, Neža Knez

3D Design: N​eža Knez

Colorist: M​arina Vojković

Cast:​ Niki Lapkovski, Neža Dobrovoljc, Tita Winkler, Ula Kranjc Kušlan, Neža Knez, Tomo Dadič, Aleš Scheriani

Producer: D​arej Šömen

Production: W​arehouse Collective

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