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Lotte Schriek

Māgoa presents Lotte Schriek, a 21-year-old self-taught fashion photographer. Read more about her work in the interview below.

Hi, Lotte! Welcome to Māgoa. We are so happy to present you to our online readers!

First of all, could you quickly introduce yourself in a few short sentences? Who you are, what you do at the moment and where are you from?

Hi! My name is Lotte, a 21-year-old self-taught fashion photographer. I’m from the Netherlands and currently in the last phase of my Product Design course. About two years ago, I realized I wanted to become a full time fashion photographer, but I’m still trying to finish my studies to get my bachelor’s degree.

What first got you interested in being a photographer?

Since I was little, I was obsessed with clothes, accessories and shoes. These photos of people wearing the newest fashion trends in magazines always interested me. I think reading those magazines gave me the boost to start making fashion photos myself.

How would you describe your beginnings in the creative field? Was this the career path you have always wanted or is it different from what you have imagined it to be?

When I was growing up, I realized I wanted to do something creative for a living, because I can’t sit still and love to explore things. I chose Product Design because I thought it was a safer choice, when it comes to getting a job. When I started my studies, my interest for creating images grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, I knew Product Design wasn’t for me, since I had a lot of struggles to get through the semesters.

Are there any photographers who have particularly influenced you?

A lot of photographers have influenced me in these years! When I started with photography, I watched A LOT of Jessica Kobeissi. She taught me a lot about photography and I’m still really grateful that she shared her experiences. I managed to create my own style while learning a lot from others. A few photographers that I really aspire to be are Nadine Ijewere , Noemi Ottilia Szabo, Tyler Mitchell and Min Hyun-Woo.

Do you remember your first photograph and what was its motive?

Yes I do! I got my first camera, a second hand Nikon d60, for my 16th birthday. I took photos of myself to figure out how everything worked.

How would you describe your vision and style? How has it evolved over time?

I always described my work as feminine and warm, this never changed over the time. I always loved those warm tones, grainy photo textures and soft pastel toned colors. Since I’m always looking for new techniques, lights and color schemes, my work isn’t always the specific aesthetic style that I desire, but I still love it!

I love analyzing film photos and trying to get the colors almost the same with my digital work. Some people ask me, if I shoot film photography since they can’t really see if it’s digital or analogue.

What does your typical workday look like?

When I have a shoot day, the call time is never the same. I pack my stuff the day before the shoot so I won’t be stressed, when I get out of bed. I make sure everything is packed, SD cards are empty and my batteries are charged. When I’m done with my morning routine, I drive to the location. When it’s a studio day, I will start setting up my lights, while the makeup artist is prepping the model. When we are outside, I will check for good spots or how the sun is shining. I make some test photos to figure out my lights and settings. When everything is good to go, I can start shooting. Most of my shoot  days take up a whole day.

When I have a retouching day, I’m just sitting in my living room for the whole day, editing and sorting out photos. These days can be quite hard when it’s summer. I’ve had a paid job in Switzerland on my vacation and had to stay inside for 3 whole days to finish the campaign photos. That kind of sucks. when the weather is really good, but the end results are totally worth it anyway ;-).

Where do you do most of your work?

I do a lot of editing at home. My shoots are most of the time on location.

Do you have anything particular you like to focus on when you’re taking a photo?

I’m focusing a lot on the lighting. I think good lighting is so important to make the photos look really good or special. Especially shadows can create a whole new mood to your photos.

What technology / software / camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best?

I do use 2 kind of cameras at the moment. A Nikon D750 and a Canon 5D Mark IV. Both have a 24-70mm lens and a 50mm 1.4 lens. For lighting I use my Hensel Certo 400 portrait kit.

What is the best thing you have experienced by being a photographer so far?

Meeting a lot of kind, open minded and creative people. I’ve made new friends since I started doing photography. I think it’s great to have people around you that understand what’s it like to have a creative job, since not everybody understands this lifestyle. I’m very grateful for that.

And what’s the best thing someone said about your work?

That I shot the prettiest photo they had of themselves. I think that is a huge compliment.

How have you and your work evolved over time?

I got very serious about photography over the past 2 years. You can also see this in my work. My retouching got a lot better, light setups became better and even my way of framing people and small details got better. I’m really competitive and always think I can do better. I sometimes find it hard to find motivation for things to do, like finishing my school, but for my photography I got all the motivation I need. I think finding out what you love so much is such a blessing. You definitely have to chase that dream.

Lotte, thank you very much for your time and answers. The best of luck with your career and upcoming projects.

Visit Lotte’s website and Instagram.


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