FashionLantern Collective: 1991

Lantern Collective: 1991

Māgoa presents Lantern Collective and their newest 1991 collection, which was made in collaboration with Spela Senica.

Independent. Young. Verbal. Art Explorer. Undefined. Self-conscious. Unpredictable.

Timeless notion over creative processes, Spela Senica’s love for drawing began when she was contemplating how her grandfather enjoyed making art himself. She was curious about finding those emotions. Not so far away from her first attempts, she had the sudden realization “I just wanted to do everything, because art is everything, so I started to combine everything.”

“Art is natural, you don’t force it, a habit of mind, trying mainly from outside inspirations but also by inner inspirations: emotions; thoughts —Random.” Solid line of interpretations on early age guided her into graphic design and photography.

Thus, Senica’s natural talented pieces show a dichotomy between feelings and time disorder:

“I paint what I love, I shoot what I love: what I want to project: constant looking back, but at the same time trying something new —it’s very chaotic.”;

And/or the seek for the audience’s epiphany on the appreciation of multifaceted diferencial beauty.

“I like to turn attractiveness around. I’m drawing people that are so beautiful, but too ugly for beauty standard: PRETTY UGLY.

For people, there are beautiful aspects that —has to be like that. But I find people there are kinda “ugly to the world”, beautiful. And that’s what I want to project in my drawings.”

As if it were David against Goliath, Spela fights against capitalistic aesthetics in her representation of the world, in the meaningful idea of cosmological identity, within multiculturalism (1)mindset and (2)variables:

1 – Not overthink —be aware.

2 – “You think you won’t have time anymore”

but time is just a word, a thing, it’s not a burden.

Visit Lantern Collective’s  website and Instagram.

Tekst: David Chavez


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