FashionJanja Videc // Mystic Minimal

Janja Videc // Mystic Minimal

“M y s t i c  m i n i m a l is like the previous collections connected to a strong female archetypal character. After moving to a new place, I found my inspiration in the mysterious and unique Ksenija, who lived in the Strmol castle, only minutes away from our new home. Ksenija was the first female pilot in Yugoslavia and a proud owner of a pet crocodile, which she casually took for walks through the capital city’s park Tivoli.

The collection speaks to us – women, to stop searching for nonexistent perfection and to allow ourselves to dance in the forest, travel alone to the other side of the world, to wear blue lipstick, put on our fanciest dress and drink beer while sitting on the floor in Metelkova city. To grow our urban jungle, raise kids, or tomato, to paint and compose our own songs, to get a crocodile, to sing our lungs out, cry, laugh, and to experience wholly anything that may come. Because life, it cannot be controlled either way.

And by being our true selves, we allow our sister warriors to be themselves as well as without judging them. Be it sexy, maternal, wild, spiritual, everything or nothing of the sort, whatever their hear desire.”

Janja Videc, april 2019

“Mystic Minimal is intended for every unique warrior, present-day priestess, mother to children or creative designs and for fearless lovers, who sense the story behind the collection or are simply drawn to its design.”

“Mystic Minimal is seasonless and its pieces are meant to be layered into outfits for different occasions and seasons.”

official lookbook for Mystic Minimal by Janja Videc, presented at LJFW in Spring 2019

Photography: Anže Frantar

Model: Sandra Videc

Styling: Marko Klemen, Ana Znidarsic

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