FashionIs perfection just another trend?

Is perfection just another trend?

This journey starts off like every inspirational story you’ve ever heard about make-up. And honestly, it’s probably like every other makeup artists’.

When I was a little girl, I would always spy on my mom, while she was putting on her brown lipstick. Do you remember the one that your mom wore in the 90’s and you both thought “she was all THAT” when she wore it? Yeah, that’s the one.  Until one day, when I decided to steal it from her purse and put it on myself in hopes of looking half as beautiful as she did. We had a small mirror hanging in our closet. Of course, it was so high up, I could never reach it (probably not even now, to be honest). So, I decided, hell, I don’t need a mirror –  all will be fine. My mom walked in with a horrified expression on her face. And I was … confused, to say the least. I’d thought I did such a great job, I could even feel every inch of my lips as I was putting it on, so what could have gone wrong? She held me up to a mirror. Finally, I could see what a masterpiece I have created on my face – a big over-lined, overdrawn, unflattering brown clown mouth. Little did I know, it would become one of the biggest trends in the makeup industry, almost two decades later. And one’s embarrassing clown mouth can just like that become someone else’s empire (built on overdrawn lips – khm, Kylie Jenner).

Makeup trends have always existed, but not in such a way as, let’s say, fashion trends – people take those very seriously. God forbid that you don’t wear the bougiest bucket hat you own, whilst strutting down the luxurious streets of Ljubljana.

Nowadays, anyone can wear whatever they want on their face and still rock the hell out of it! Red smokey eye? Yes, please! Blue lip? Yasss! Not wearing any makeup, except your cheekbones being highlighted to the gods? Werk, girl!

Makeup trends are just a guideline of what you can do with your makeup, not what you must do with it. It’s makeup, you can wash it off. So, why not have some fun with it!
Let’s fast forward to 2019 – now, I’m a makeup artist, who is sick of seeing the same tiring trends all over the infamous Instagram. On people that aren’t even real – lip fillers, cheek fillers, temple fillers (that’s a thing!?), you name it! They probably got it! And let’s be honest, fillers have become verytrendy. I couldn’t help but wonder – inserts Carrie Bradshaw reference for dramatic purposes –should fillers also be thrown in the beauty section of Vogue as this season’s “biggest beauty trend wagon you needto hop on”? I can imagine a big picture of a supermodel on page 6, with a big title above her face: “YOU TOO CAN LOOK LIKE THIS INSTAGRAM GODDESS HERSELF, ALL YOU NEED is 10 grand of starting capital to invest in your face!”

It’s an artist’s duty to try and stop the society from implanting the seed of self-doubt and worse – self-hate. It’s not natural to look like your favorite influencer. Chances are, they paid an insane amount of money to look like the most instagrammable being to walk the earth.

At some point, we all had something we wanted to change about ourselves. But if you don’t give the society the power to destroy your self-confidence, you’re already winning! Who invents these beauty ideals, anyways? And why must we follow them? Instead, try to embrace your imperfections. When you do, no one can hold them against you. You have a lazy eye? Lisa ‘’Left Eye’’ didn’t let that stop her! You have acne? Girl, at 23 I’m still battling with my own! You think your pores are as big as the craters on the moon? Try Benefit’s Pore filling primer (hashtag not sponsored)!

Perfection is just another trend and it goes hand in hand with fillers. And what happens with every trend? A few years later you’re left cringing, thinking: oh, god, why did I pluck my eyebrows so thin; or why on earth did I choose to wear that? What comes next, when the ‘’filler mania’’ is over? When it’s no longer “in” to look like a porcelain doll?
Don’t get me wrong – makeup isa beauty enhancer. But there is a big difference between enhancing your facial features and accepting the imperfections that you have than to constantly try to fix them. I’m not against fillers or people that have them. I only wish we would think twice before letting society lead us into believing that only when one is perfect, one is worthy.

I’m aware I can’t teach you self-love nor self-acceptance, if society has already sparked your mind to think otherwise. But what I can try to do is give you some inspiration and guidelines – like how to achieve that makeup look you always wanted to nail. With the smallest or largest amount of makeup – if you’re a “full-coverage” girl like me, I don’t judge! Of course, we’ll also be discussing the “fresh off the runway” makeup trends – the good ones, the bad ones andthe unnecessary ones.

I want people to feel beautiful the way they are – with the power of makeup. It’s normal not to have perfect symmetry in your face. It’s okay not to use Facetune in your Instagram pics. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. We are f*ucking millennials! We may be burnt out, but we can still be better than our older generations!

Ha, I tricked you! Now you can’t just not-knowthere is a different way than slapping yourself with needles in the face. The hardest thing is accepting that the only other way is your own mind, really. Your mind is a walking weapon (damn, this just got really deep all of a sudden).

I’m hopeful that the world will somewhat agree with me. History has taught us that only when we fight for something we truly believe in; we can trigger other minds to at least consider different possibilities.

And until that happens, you’ll know where to find me – your nearest Sephora, preparing to fight the world and society. With a Zoeva 104 buffer brush in one hand and the Stila Glitter & Go shadow in the other. Prepare for a blinding battle, world!

Next time – graphic liner, shantay you slayyyy!

Nina Burazor

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