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I don’t feel inspired anymore

Māgoa presents Irena Mulec: ex-blogger, who’s always genuine when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. So now let’s all welcome our new team member, who will write a column every month and share her daily adventures with us.

I was into fashion since I can remember, I grew up with super models from the 90’s, in my teens I wore those God awful low-rise jeans that are allegedly coming back.

I learned along the way, I tried and tested, made a few “mistakes” and finally found my voice and style. I wouldn’t say style per se, but I found my daily uniform. It fits my day-to-day life. I no longer dress just because it’s fashionable. I think a lot before I purchase a new item. What material is it made of, how good are the stiches, what’s the price and how does it fit my body type. I also ask the question will it last at least 5-10 years and will it go perfectly with my established wardrobe?

Instagram changed the fashion game completely. Everyone dresses the same, takes the same photos at the same coffee spots, shops, art galleries so how do we rebel against it and still stand out?

All we do is scream how different we are, but I think we’re all the same. The more you scream how unique you are, the more you’re a part of the copy-paste club.

I’m part of it. Does it take some courage to stand out? Why are we like that? If we dress the same are we thinking the same? Sure, we don’t live the same lives, but on Instagram it seems like we do? Is this sameness eating away from individual’s uniqueness? Through our lives we are programmed to fit in. Is blending in with the masses comfortable and easy?

In your teens and twenties, you scream fuck the system and you do whatever you want or you think that you can do whatever you want. You dye your hair a crazy colour, wear bold make up and weird clothing just to prove a point to the society. But today, what do you do to stand out? What inspires you, what drives you?

Maybe I’m missing the point and fashion just isn’t it anymore. You look at the runway and season after season we see the same stuff by different names. On the other hand, we have this “extraordinaire” Demna that perfected the copy-cat game, who seems to do no wrong and the masses just eat up whatever he makes. And Slimane at Celine that gave us basically another Saint Laurent make-over.

I don’t know, maybe I ‘m just tired and fed up with everything I see and this is simply the way I dress now. I dress in all black most of the time because I can’t be bothered to spend more than five minutes in the morning deciding on what to wear. I live in overalls and dresses — easy and stylish, a good pair of leather boots and a cool 100% wool coat and I’m out the door.

But maybe I’m just lazy and that’s the main reason I don’t feel inspired anymore by fashion or the hyper consumption that’s shown on the runway and isn’t appealing to a 30-year-old brat.

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