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How to Make It


– in a small country like Slovenia –

– where no one gives a sh*t about the artists –

– or the art itself –

You don’t. The end.

Just kidding.

But really – why is it so damn hard to make it as a young artist in this country? It doesn’t even matter what kind of art is involved – just about anything that has to do with the creative side of our brain.

Are we youngsters not perspective enough? Are we not innovative enough? Are we not experienced, ambitious, maybe not daring enough with our artistic expression? Are we simply not good enough? Not trying enough? In the end – is it even us that are the problem?

A lot of rhetorical questions on my mind and definitely not enough rhetorical answers. Older generations in this country are strongly opinionated when it comes to us millennials and what we are doing wrong – we are rude, narcissistic, changing our jobs every six months because we can’t commit (or/and because we think we deserve better), we don’t vote (for obvious reasons) which then creates a cycle of the same politicians doing nothing to our benefit, we all want to feel special, we all want to stand out from the crowd and most importantly – how dare we dream so f*cking much?! 

And yes, most of us do dare to dream. Dream about making a living of our passion, of our hobbies, of our art. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a place that you feel has done nothing for you but made you feel like you will never achieve success there. Because no one actually respects the art itself nor you. No to law school? Here’s your minimum wage. Want to be a what now? Who will employ you? Good luck with your income.

And that is probably why there are so many of us seeking a way out. Dispersed all over the world. Because we are so desperately seeking a connection to the city and its people, as we lack it here miserably.

Feeling lonely. Like you don’t belong. In your home country. Can you relate? 

OK, rant over. Now, what are the solutions you ask?

It’s quite simple really. You have three options:

  1. get a lame job (read Steal like an artist on your lunch break to get some extra inspiration), save up some money, pack your things and leave as soon as possible. Of course, don’t forget to research where you think would be best for you as an artist. Which city do you feel a connection with. Then go, hustle really hard, then cry about it because life is hard and then hustle some more. Oh, and please remember to bring me back some Fenty glo$$ when you come to visit *wink*.
  2. Stay where you are; as painful as it sounds. Make every moment of your creating count. Connect with people that are in your lane. Do something that no one else dares. Have the courage to have bigger ideas and dreams than your hometown! Don’t limit yourself to where you are now. Even Melania made it out of her village, so why the hell shouldn’t you? (big up to Sevnica!)
  3. Or, you know, make the best out of your frustrations and make a dope-ass magazine with your friends *looks into the camera*: Available NOW on magoamagazine.com!!! Buy the merch!! It’s freaking awesome!!

It’s never easy for us misunderstood geniuses (really bit*h?….) and it never will be. All we can do is adapt or break the mold. Depends on what kind of a person you are – will you accept what is given or will you make your own rules. Wow, look at me; speaking as an aspiring anarchist. Where is the ‘proud face’ meme when you need it.

The whole team behind Māgoa truly believes in making the feelings of discomfort count, so should you. Like ya girl used to say: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” (ya girl stole this of the internet, it was actually Cesar A. Cruz.) But take it, print it on a shirt, wear it, it’s yours, you’re welcome.

That was my two cents anyway, if you agree (or not) let’s cuss and discuss. 

Nina Burazor

Graphic Design: Ana Žnidaršič


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