FashionGranny Takes a Trip II

Granny Takes a Trip II

Promotional video for Slovenian knitwear designer Jona Bednjanec and her Fall / Winter 2019 / 2020 collection.

“As a product of multimedia convergence – cultural, economic, and technological – fashion film exists as a hybrid genre, a mixed form of online filmmaking mostly produced in short-form to display fashion in motion. Its underlying creative purpose is to make a moving-image statement about fashion.”


Filming and editing: Ana Žnidaršič

Clothes: Jona Bednjanec

Models: Hana Podvršič, Julija Brudar, Mia Zigmund, Jona Bednjanec

Creative direction: Ana Žnidaršič

Mua: Nina Burazor

Hair: Kaja Škerjanec

Assistant: Rok Vrečer


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