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Gender Theory

Gender Theory is a photo series, created by Rosella Agostini, which rejects the idea that gender is strictly binary by exploring a reality where identity is not socially constructed.

“Gender Theory” touches upon the issues of gender and sexuality and demonstrates how the biological sex, the gender identity and the gender expression are not always aligned. Both female and male subjects freely experiment with their bodies and self-images, testing the limits of acceptance. How would we live if we did not have preconceived gender schema?

Rossella Agostini grew up in Northern Italy, but moved to Chicago to pursue an education in film. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography. Through her still and motion picture work, Rossella celebrates the individual and explores its relationship to the surrounding world. She loves to capture subjects from a distance and privileges empty places, isolated characters and unusual beauty. Rossella has had professional experience lensing multiple narrative shorts and music videos on a variety of different formats, including 16mm and 35mm film.

Photography: Rosella Agostini

Models: Evan Wilkins, Venus Bikos

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