“The ideal soundtrack for lazing about or a late-night walk home from the club.”


“For some, a trip which you experience while driving on an empty highway in the middle of the night. Gentle, dreamy drawing of musical landscapes for others. Here are Futurski – a fresh wave of domestic synthpop.”


FUTURSKI form a palette of synthetic colours, driven by melancholic vocal melodies, dreamy synths and guitars. Their performance ranges from gentle, almost heartbreaking passages, to a powerful wall of sound, which is almost entirely produced live, on the spot.


Their new single ​Bad Dreams is announcing their second EP ​“Emotional Tourist”​, which will be released in June. Just in time for a fresh wave of synthetic tunes for the summer.
Emotional Tourist is having Bad Dreams, fleeing from unresolved past trauma by jumping from one person to the next, feeding off of their emotions and experiences without trying to heal and letting the wounds close.

In 2018 they were selected as one of the INES talents, which opened the door for them to perform at a number of Europe’s showcase festivals, such as Liverpool Sound City (UK), Spring Break festival (Poland) and Waves Vienna (Austria). In addition, they played shows like MENT Ljubljana (Slovenia), INmusic festival (Croatia) and many more!

Photo: Cherie Plausteiner

Visit FUTURSKI’s Website and Instagram.

Watch Bad Dreams video here.

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