ArtExceptional being

Exceptional being

After being bored one Sunday, I had an artistic epiphany.

There was no time for getting a whole photo shoot squad to fulfill my desire to be creative at the moment. So, I thought to myself: who better to be my muse than my better half? I looked at him all excited and immediately he sighed: “How long will it take?”

I started painting on his face, not knowing where it will go. Then, I dressed him up in my masculine striped blazer, underneath he was wearing a white t-shirt that I embroidered with vrhunski človek (translated exceptional being). I bedazzled him with my favorite jewelry and voilà. I grabbed my disposable analog camera and magic was made. Finally, it scratched my creative itch.

And there you go; when you’re trapped inside four walls (especially now in quarantine mode) feeling inspired but don’t know how to be creative, just work with what and who you got! Maybe your partner, mom, dad or siblings. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up about it. You always have tomorrow to try again and create something even better.

Nina Burazor




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