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Hello, Eva. Welcome to Māgoa and thank you for agreeing to this  interview . We are really honored to present such a young talent to  our online readers.

Could you quickly introduce yourself in a few short sentences?

My name is Eva, I am 19 years old and I come from the surrounding area  of Celje. I am in my 4th year of Secondary school for photography and  design in Ljubljana – more specificly I study graphic design. I’ve  lived in Ljubljana for 4 years now. Apart from photography my passions  are dancing and fashion.

How did your photography journey begin?

My journey began in 2016 when we did photoshoots with my friends  Marija and Ajla just for fun. At that time Snobshots were very popular  on Instagram which sparked my love for fashion. After that I started  posting more fashion themed photos on my Instagram with the #snobshots, hoping people will notice and appreciated my work. In only  two months I received a lot of positive comments on my work and that  kept me to proceed my work in photography. Fun fact – I didn’t take  that much interest in photography before that.

Are there any photographers who have influenced you?

Yes, so many of them! I especially get inspired by photographers who  work on tours with musicians. They make a variety of content like  photos, videos, collages, short clips of the concert and on top of  that they, travel the world while working. One of those photographers  is definitely @filmsbylevi who is currently on tour with Joey Bada$$.  I get a lot of inspiration for my work from Vitali Gelwich, Jean  Pierrot and Petra Collins. They all have perfected their own  minimalism that I believe gives their photos serenity.

How have you and your work evolved over time?

More than quality I believe my thought and creative process have  evolved in the past couple of years. I now know more things, I am more  organised and so on. I now know exactly what I want and I make it that  way, which gave me a lot of trouble in the past.

Do you remember your first photograph and what was its motive?

My first photo was a photo of a white rose that I took while being  bored during vacation. In the end, this photo ended as a screensaver  on my computer. Well, I was 12 at the time.

How would you describe your vision and style?

My style has changed a bit. I used to do only street fashion  photography, but now I am also experimenting with art photography. I  haven’t found my own style just yet, because I change all the time and  I want to try out everything. It’s rather difficult in the beginning  to identify yourself in just one style since there is so many you want  to try out and don’t know which one will fit you best. However I can  honestly say that the vision for my work is still going to be  expressed through street fashion and culture.

How do you come up with an idea and what is your working method?

Ideas come when I least expect them. Sometimes I walk home from school  and I think of something new or I am talking to my friends and I get a  new idea. I write them down in my notebook and then later I put more  thought into it in peace. I don’t like to think about that too much,  since I want my work to be more spontaneous. That can sometimes be my  a bit of a negative quality, especially where I need to adapt to a  certain project and I wish to do things my way.

Where do you do most of your work?

I do most of my work literally anywhere – at school, in my room, at  student home, outside, on the train … I am not limited to a certain  space where I do my work. I am very spontaneous with places for  photoshoots and I get the inspiration for new ones everywhere.

Do you have anything you like to focus on?

Yes I do! Usually I focus on clothing. I love to put together outfits  for models and I’ve done photoshoots like that since the beginning. My  guilty pleasure for quite some time has been buying clothes and  accessories for models. What I also like to focus on is to get to know  the model at least a little bit before the photoshoot.

Do you do any post production work?

That is actually my favourite part, because that is when my work comes  to life. Even after a difficult day and coming home really late, I  will still make time to edit my photos. Sometimes when I’m feeling  down and when I am not sure in my work, I start edit the photos, play  with colours and I instantly get my drive back.

What technology / software / camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best?

I currently use Canon 80D in combination with 50 and 18-70 mm lenses.  I also use analogue Yashica 150 Zommate camera. I really wish to  upgrade my equipment, however the time is not exactly right for that  now and I can still make good photos with what I got.

What is the best thing you experienced by being a photographer?

Probably that it keeps me away from my phone. One of my favourite  things is that I do not feel the need to share my photo process with  others or to share all my work to social media. One of the things I  love most is showing the final result to people I worked with. I love  their excitement when they love the way they look in the photo.

Who are some of your favorite photographers past or present?

I can’t really pick just one, they are all important to me. If I have  to choose, I would have to say all the photographers in the past, who  worked only with an analogue camera. I think they gave photos more  emotions, soul and of course effort. Especially now, since the  analogue and polaroid photography and film is not used as often as  before.

What’s the best thing someone said about your work?

There hasn’t been anything specific apart from the compliments I  received for my work. It means a lot to me everytime anyone says my  work looks “dope” or “really cool”. Perhaps the best thing anyone has  said to me was, that I work really fast, which shows my dedication to  photography and also that this isn’t something I have to do, but  something I want to do.

What would you like to see more of in the photography world?

More photographers who evolve their own style. I have seen way too  many who’s work looks exactly the same, especially among young  photographers.

What’s next for you?

Firstly I hope to finish secondary school successfully and to enter  the Faculty of Design in Trzin. I am also working on another  interesting project this year but I can’t say much since it is still a  secret. I can promise you it’s going to be something special.

Eva, thank you very much for your time and answers. The best of luck with your career and upcoming projects!

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