Enrica Camminante

The EC brand was born from the idea of ​​Enrica Camminante, a young fashion designer, who in 2013 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Frosinone in the course of Fashion Design. The philosophy of the brand is to blend many passions that characterise the designer, music, art, interior design, cinema, and photography – everything that is related to the aesthetics and the emotions that the “world” of observing arouses, both with eyes and soul. It is no coincidence that the symbol of the brand combines multiple meanings: it consists of a triangle surmounted by a crescent moon with the initials of the designer, EC. The moon, a female symbol and the masculine triangle, black and white, material and immaterial, creates a dualism that distinguishes the creations of the brand.

Garments, which are sometimes made completely by hand, are deconstructed with tailoring interventions or applications made with recycled, natural and synthetic materials. Materials, construction, and colours are always in contrast, in order to perceive the dualistic concept of the brand. The collections consist of both some pieces that are always available in the permanent collection, as well as capsule collections of no more than  six pieces per collection, created just to have a uniqueness in the designs and to give the public a more niche fashion. Next EC capsule collection is O-RUB: inspired by two opposing worlds, the anthropological, historical and cultural one of Azteca and Maya culture, with their beliefs, rites, and technology as well as the realisation of still-existing architectural works (like the pyramids), in oppose to the cinema, in the 1979 film directed by Ridley Scott, Alien. The type of screenplay, the warm / cold tones of the scenes, but above all the designer and the artist Giger, who took care of the whole storyboard and the design of the alien, contributed to the inspiration of the collection.

In the film, Giger created an artist, who represents a concept of a very strong matriarchy, the female sex, and the gift of his body in being able to procreate. The ancestral scenes of motherhood and reproduction were combined with the inspiration of Aztec culture, thus creating an ancestral semantic thread of human creation. O-RUB is a capsule collection (the whole name is Onyx and Rubber), which consists of six pieces: two short-sleeved t-shirts, two kimono-effect sweatshirts and two 3/4 sleeve t-shirts. The material is cotton, with the EC logo embroidered on the side of the links or in the middle. Each piece has been assembled and sewn from a recycled material, the rubber was taken from the air chambers for the wheels of the cars. The colour of the collection is predominantly black: a colour that is loved for its seductive plurality (it consists of all the colours of the spectrum). In very low percentage, there is also electric blue – colour found in the rubber used. It is no coincidence that a colour has multiple meanings: spiritual, psychological, as well as religious and artistic.

The imagery was created both in an outdoor location and in a photographic studio: first in the acropolis of Alatri, where there are the cyclopean walls, in order capture the ancient and historical concept of our message. Secondly, in the studio, the model was captured with a blank, white backdrop to bring out the black elements of the collection.

Clothes: Enrica Camminante

Photographer: Riccardo Lancia

Model: Sean Cubito

Mua / Hair: Sara De Monte