Māgoa presents Deméter, a fashion editorial submitted by Tamara Wassaf, an argentine photographer who lives in Madrid. Her works are especially focused on fashion and fine art and her themes are always related to the human body and nature.

Deméter is the Greek Goddess of agriculture, pure nourishment of the green and young earth, life-giving cycle of life and death. She is revered as the “bearer of the seasons”. In this series of photos, she appears with a bandage that alludes to damaged nature, and her attitude, sometimes defeated and sometimes defiant, reminds us of changes in the weather and her reactions. It is also surrounded by elements related to nature and its connection with the passage of time, such as rust, marble and dried and green flowers. This series tries to reflect a weak, delicate goddess but at the same time strong and resistant.

“… Sad Demeter had in a single night

Removed her sombre garments! and mine eyes

Beheld a ‘broidered mantle in pale dyes

Thrown o’er her throbbing bosom. Sweet and clear…”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1950-1919)

Photography: Tamara Wassaf // We Help Studio

Photography assistant: Dante Forconesi

Makeup & Hair: Lewis Amarante

Stylist: Yolanda Leal

Stylist assistant: Caro Arce

Model: Aiste Lingyte from Uno Models