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Come to Me

Māgoa presents Come to Me, a new song and a music video by our favourites Zala and Gašper. Here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Come to Me.


“On June 27th a Russian filmmaking group contacted us. They wanted to know whether we were interested in working on a music video together. Timing was actually perfect for us, since our previous plans for the video just didn’t work out, so we had to start from the beginning anyway … They sent us their idea for the video and it was just perfect! Like they described, the main goal was to make the picture represent our sound, to translate our music into a video. Our sound is comfy, like a bed in the middle of the sea …

Organising this shoot was actually really funny. The team had an idea to shoot in Italy and we thought it would be a wonderful experience, plus we really love Italy. The first location was supposed to be Rimini and the control freaks we are, we were going to book the accommodation right away. Fortunately, we checked with the team before that, to find out that the right location is actually Pescara – that’s 250 km south of Rimini, which means 3 more hours by bus. When we finally booked the accommodation and the tickets to Pescara, the group asked us if we would rather come shoot the video to Iceland (apparently they perceive the distance between places a lot different than we do …). Even though we would love to go to Iceland, we weren’t able to afford it at the time, so Pescara remained to be the location for the shoot. Well, at the end we mostly shoot halfway from Pescara to Rome.

The effort that this team put in the video is unbelievable. One of them drove all the way from Russia by car, so we could lay on a bed, which he put together and apart for every single scene. Few of them came a week early so they could go scouting for the most aesthetic places. Everything was so fast and effective. Everyone was doing everything. It was such a pleasure to work with BSG. Not to mention all the locations … Those were one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen and now they are a part of our music video!”

Zala and Gašper on making Come to Me music video

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