EventsBrunching with zalagasper

Brunching with zalagasper

In order to celebrate the release of zalagasper’s new album 4, we organised a giveaway in collaboration with Kucha, to provide one of our dear readers with the opportunity to meet Zala and Gašper and enjoy the ambient and delicious food of Kucha.

Kucha, a bistro in Ljubljana, offers locally produced vegan food, interestingly inspired by subjective representations of people’s eating habits in 2050, while freshly combined with traditional techniques that we have been using for thousands of years. Unashamely they call themselves as “semi-rensposible hedonists.”

Don’t miss zalagasper’s upcoming concerts:

27. feb 2020, Kino Šiška; 27. mar 2020, Narodni dom Maribor; 24. apr 2020, Narodni dom Celje


Brunch friends: Zala Kralj, Gašper Šantl, Špela Šivic

Location: Kucha

Photography: Lana Špiler


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