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Body Pressure

The story of project ‘Body Pressure’ comes from the deepest parts of human bodies and minds. Often we feel in a way trapped in different systems that surround us, so we do everything that is in our power to protect our identities. Our body is the main tool we can lean on.

The materials used are very unconventional and not so common in clothing. The bandages represent the protection we use when we need to heal ourselves, polyvinyl shows a reflection of the society, and prints of stoppers are a mixture of every feeling we feel, good or bad. “Body Pressure” represents the concept in a very raw, industrial, but still natural way.

Ula Pogorevčnik

Born on May 13th, 1996 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. She currently lives and works in Ljubljana, studying Textile and Clothing Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering Ljubljana, where she is concluding 3rd year. During her studies, Ula participated in several exhibitions and fashion shows with her projects. In addition to clothing, she is mostly engaged in video and film production, art installations, zines, and the design and implementation of photo stories. Ula is very interested in conceptual projects with meaningful stories behind. She also works as a scenographer and costume designer for various video projects.

Clothes and Styling: Ula Pogorevčnik

Photography: Sara Rman

Model: Teja Miholič

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