by Kristijan Švab

Whenever someone asks me about my career as a photographer, it’s usually followed by a few moments of silence, because I honestly don’t even know the answer to that question myself. As a child I’d never thought of being a photographer – I’ve only picked up photography about five years ago, when I realized that pictures taken with a phone just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Let’s call it the influence of Instagram or rather the “need for a perfect feed”. For the past three years I’ve been focusing mainly on beauty and fashion. I would also call myself a “One Man”, because I do everything on my own when it comes to my projects – from stylings to makeup. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with that, because it’s a difficult way of working, but when I see the final results, I always say to myself that is reason why I love and enjoy what I’m doing.


Beauty editorial titled BLACK X GOLD was created spontaneously – in a same way as most of my projects are. From an inspiration to the final result, it usually takes me no more than a week because I can easily get bored of a concept, if I think about it too much. I love to play with contrasts of colors and textures, which is the reason I chose more close-up photos, which show the skin texture as well as black color and golden pieces.

Photography: Kristijan Svab

Model: Tina Sovinc

Makeup Artist: Kristijan Svab

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