FashionAwesome Years by Klemen, Po Dezju

Awesome Years by Klemen, Po Dezju

Māgoa presents Klemen, a blogger who is celebrating 8 years of Po Dezju.

In reality, everything is not as bad as it seems. It’s important how you actually accept the things that come in your way. If you know exactly how to do that, you will make it. So, don’t stop and search for that one thing that drives you and discover your true mission in life. 

Every one of you has to make a better tomorrow and contribute to common good. It should be a necessity. Just change the I’ll try into I’ll do. 

It is true that I love to dream. But even better, I live those dreams as my reality. Don’t let a miserable, rainy weather make you passive and unambitious.

If we doubt, we maybe realize it sooner than if we only believe something. Or let’s learn something new. That is freedom. 

Maybe now I know, what I really want. At least this summer. To make something out of it. Something, I will remember it by and won’t be just one of the fifty. So, to live and enjoy in the moment. Even if it sounds so cliché. We can at least try. Just go. Take a risk. Maybe something will work out. And you too! Do the things you love. Find something that makes you thrive. 

What really counts? First, the fact that you are always there for someone who needs you. That you can unexpectedly make someone’s day better, be it with a bouquet of flowers or a simple hello. 

Thank you for the adventures and events that constantly surround me. For the good words and good people. And even for the sickness, which is currently making me so spotty that I don’t want to leave my room. But it gives me time to think and time to say here and there, thank you to everyone, who are exactly what you want to be.

Good things are happening to me for the last few days. Different than this December. 


Creative director: Ana Znidarsic

Photography: Rok Vrečer

Model: Marko Klemen

Assistant: Aldijana Prosic


Clothes: Jona Bednjanec, Kiss the future, Aleksandra BrlanRašica, Boss, Adidas original

 Special thanks: ŠD Tabor

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