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Alja Horvat

Alja Horvat is a talented illustrator, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Only at the age of 21, still a graphic design student at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, she already has a clear, unique creative vision and a flourishing career as a graphic designer. Today we decided that instead of conducting a traditional interview with Alja, we would highlight a few of our favorite quotes from our conversation and let her work speak for itself.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to draw and create different things, so I always knew I wanted to do something artistic, when I grow up.”

“I feel really at ease, when I draw. Time just flies by, when I create. What feels like 20 minutes, is actually an hour or two in reality.”

“I think the vibrant, colorful palette stems from me. I’m really energetic and lively, and that’s exactly how I feel, when I look at these shapes, figures and colors. They are all full of life!”

“College work didn’t interest me that much, if I’m honest, so I needed something creative in my free time, to relax and enjoy. That’s how everything started.”

“The backgrounds of my designs connect with the main subject portrayed, explaining their story and feelings. The figures are just like book covers: you need to read the entire story in order to experience them.”

“The biggest challenge, for any artist, is the current oversaturation of the market.”

“I think it’s more of a coincidence than a direct connection of my work to the south American tradition. I do love their colors, shapes and traditional clothes, which all appear full of life and energy. But for me, everything is quite visual.”

“I adore Josef Frank, who designed patterns for tapestry and furniture. His work is really something extraordinary. I would also like to mention Tim Walker, because his photographs give you a feeling that you live in a world filled with magic.”

“I feel like the fate of a modern graphic designer is a bright one, if you are diligent enough and actually ready to work more than the rest of them.”

“I use my graphic tablet for sketching, especially to see how colors will work together and complement each other. I sometimes draw in the old-fashioned way, when I get sick and tired of my computer/iPad.”

“My art isn’t suitable for every home. I wish my designs would live and flourish in a space that is filled with greenery and happiness.”

“There are so many plans, projects that are already finished. I currently can’t say much about. So, make sure to keep in touch!”


Alja, thank you very much for your time and answers. The best of luck with your career and upcoming projects!

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