Up-and-coming Ljubljana based clothing brand.

Personal, meaningful, loving.

First of all, hi and welcome to Māgoa! We are really happy to present your project to our readers.

Could you quickly introduce yourself in a few words? What is the story about Agenda?

Almost every story of mine starts with sports. I’m a born athlete; since primary school I’ve been winning medals all across a variety sports, but the one that found a soft spot in me was volleyball. I dedicated everything to that sport. However, the professional sport is tough so when I started looking for other hobbies. I came across graphic design long before I realized that I’m not going to be a pro athlete – my cousin was actually teaching me a lot about Photoshop and other designing programs. So, I when I finished with high school, I enrolled to the Faculty of Arts where I stayed for only 3 months. Then I had more time to think what I really wanted and also had the time to gain some new skills: I managed to master the Adobe Illustrator in just 3 months and I also learned how to wrote code in HTML and CSS. That’s when I realized where I can actually use all the skills that I’ve got – Faculty of Economics. Besides all that I’m actually still an active beach volleyball player and traveling around the world quite a lot, due to tournaments.

The story about Agenda represents the idea behind its definition in correlation with clothes – a secret aim or reason for doing something. And our aim is to make clothing that screams out its own and consumer’s agenda. We care just as much about quality and uniqueness as we do about who we make it for. Customers are our number one priority on our brand’s agenda! Our Three Stooges are our main ambassadors and represent our brand’s secret aim. They represent the overlooked, the undervalued, and we want to give them a chance in the spotlight with our clothing. Furthermore, we want to be a part of your unique style through which you are helping add the value to our brand. And that’s the story that we want everyone to hear, because that’s who we are and what we represent.

What is the meaning behind the name?

Story about the name is actually quite funny – my law professor was using the word agenda so frequently that became maybe a little annoying. However, it became the perfect fit for our story, because we want to encourage people to share their agendas with the world and express themselves as who they really are and don’t let the society to define them, because we believe that everyone has their own agenda, but is maybe too afraid to share with the world.

How did the project come about? Where did it all start and how did you come up with the idea?

The idea was initiated by me and my friend, when we were passionately looking to start our own business. We decided to design clothes that we like and want to wear, we didn’t care if others are going to like it – we just wanted to make clothes that fit our lifestyle. Afterwards, I drew some sketches of gorilla that represents us – they are smart, powerful, can express their feelings as humans do and are actually helping the human race even though we’re not aware of that. It took me months to optimize the gorilla patch and in the meantime, my friend already left for Sweden (Erasmus). So here I am, currently alone with the project and a lot of help from the outsources.

Why did you name the products Average Joe?

About the names – it’s actually a bit of a secret, however we can connect the dots here a bit with the agenda story and our three stooges. There are going to be 3 different logos, therefore 3 ambassadors of the brand. The Average Joe is the first one from the selection and he represents the idea that any ordinary person can look unique regardless of their daily agenda. We make those Average Joes look basic while still standing out from the crowd in their own unique way. And we don’t mean that in the bad way, we just want to be direct with our aim.

Now, the one that it’s coming out soon is the Baby Driver – we all know that one person who is always in a rush and cannot get their daily agenda in order. Since they don’t have any time, we took ours for them and created a basic, yet captivating design, which will make their agenda more organized and special in their own way. And that’s the story about our Driver, for the third one let’s keep it a secret for now. Let’s just say it’s has a special place in my heart and its story which is based on what my father has been going through.

Who is the clientele you’re designing for?

Now the most of the customers are aged between 18 and 30 years old, and that’s also my target group. The aim of our clothes is that people can have as much variety as possible and are suitable to a variety of styles. We hope that all kinds of people will be a part of our family – casual, sporty, elegant, comfy… But the most important thing is to make our customers feel special, that’s why each and everyone gets their own last name printed in gold on the white cardboard.

Will you keep all of the products monochrome with your brand’s logo or will you expand your vision in the future?

I think I pretty much answered this one with the fourth question. But we can add that there are some amazing collaborations coming up in the future that I am really excited about. We’re working with some special and inspirational people and we want to reward them with something original of their own, that’s all I’m going to say for now (laughter).

Which artists inspire you and your work?

I’m inspired by good photography because I can easily imagine how the clothing will look in a certain environment, rather than clothing brands or artist itself. But for me personally a great inspiration is a young entrepreneur who is also the founder of NV Holders, which represents the revolution in fashion and business world and his way of work really inspires me.

What I really appreciate on social media and especially on blogs is educating people and not just telling useless stories. One of the most educational blogs who’s also a friend of mine is Marko Klemen, who uses social media as a way of expressing himself and also educating people and for that I really admire him.

So, as you can see the list could go on and on but, I’m going to mention two more, who are in my eyes Baby Drivers, always rushing with almost no time for themselves, who always prioritize needs of others and not theirs – these are my parents who have been my number one fans from day one.

What’s something that people would be surprised to know about you or your brand?

I think that most people don’t realize that I have zero experience in the fashion world and that I’m still an active beach volleyball player. I’m learning day by day, meeting new inspirational people and I’m rally grateful for that because it’s making me who I am.

Describe your work in three short words.

Personal, meaningful, loving.

How much has social media shaped your brand and the streetwear aspect of the clothing?

Social media platforms are the basics for advertising nowadays. More and more people are using it and consequently the whole marketing strategy in based around those platforms. However, I think it’s not that easy to get the consumers to buy your product because most of them remain faithful to the “old brands” they like. They are also getting more educated about the industry and present a greater challenge convincing them to actually trust you and buy the product not based only on the appearance but as well as the story behind it. As far as I’m concerned if I’m going to be able to present the idea and the story about Agenda to the community, I think we could gain trust of the customers.

What are some of the plans for the future? Are you keeping this project solely online-based or are you thinking about expanding to the stores as well?

There are a lot of projects on the agenda. The first one, which I want to do as soon as possible, is to present the brand to the Slovenian fashion community. I want the people to associate the brand with its story and our values and by that let them know that our primary goal is not profit maximization, but telling stories about our agendas, build a community around it, and then aim for the big leagues afterwards. Next, I want to present the product that I’m developing on my own, a hoodie, which will (hopefully) be presented at a special event in collaboration with Lighthouse brewery. This would be insane and out of the box and that’s something I’m really excited about. So, as you can see we have a few things prepared, but we want to create reach before we can afford to develop new products for our community.

About the store expansion, we’re not there yet. Like I said, we want to create reach for the customers and next we’ll be considering retailers and afterwards, in a few years’ time, maybe even our own store. We have to go slowly and think rationally, otherwise our story about agenda will be history pretty quickly.

Clothes: Agenda

Photography: Pino Gaspersic

Models: Ina Boelsing, Kristian Franken