Fashion3 Questions for Andraž Fijavž Bačovnik

3 Questions for Andraž Fijavž Bačovnik

Māgoa presents a young, talented photographer Andraž Fijavž Bačovnik, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is one of the amazing talents featured in our second print issue Neo. We wanted you to get to know him a bit better, so today, we asked him three different questions about his photography and creative style. Let’s read it together down below!

1. What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

I’d have to say that there are a lot of key factors involved in me being motivated.
Most of the time the biggest factor is probably our collective 100toes (shameless promo), which me and my friends actually created with that sole purpose. And I also have to give some credit to my little notebook, where all my ideas, projects and concepts are written down and memorised for the future. I shouldn’t forget to mention my extremely hot, beautiful and talented girlfriend, who is an inspiration by herself. Some credit is also given to the famous artists, who have created, have been creating and still are creating, making young artists and art-lovers tear up and make their hearts skip a beat.

And of course, my family who has supported and believed in me since the day I was born, on every path I ever took (although most of the time my paths look like an outgrown shepherd’s trail, way up in the highest mountains).

Young, younger and the youngest people who are devoted to their dreams and would go through everything and anything to make them happen.

But at the end of the day I’m probably mostly inspired by the small stupid stuff in life (which mainly happen during stupid situations) that just provoke something in me.

And last but not least the people (just like yourself ❤️) who want to help young people, creatives and artists to create, succeed and excel in what they do.

(And…. Pelinkovac! That’s always an inspiration)

2. How did you find your own photography style and what do you think about when you edit your photos?

Ha-ha, it seems funny to me that someone’s actually asking me where I found something, because as a heavy dyslexic person I’m usually the one who always loses and forgets everything. But let’s leave the joke on the side!

I actually frequently ask myself what my style is and which photography genre I’d like to portray and which are the ones that define me and my work. But I rarely come to any serious conclusions about it, most of the time I just come to the realisation that none of it is really important. You do what you love, what excites you and throughout your style will shape itself!

Sooner or later you find out what really appeals to you, and can tell the difference between that and the daily inspirations coming from Instagram or Pinterest. And the sooner you let yourself enjoy your work and not burden yourself with style, the sooner it’ll take shape! Why should style define you and not the other way around?

3. What is your go-to song or album for photoshoots or editing?

I really love music and therefore find this question to actually be the hardest of them all…

It would be really difficult to choose an artist / song that I would call a “go-to” during me being creative.

I can say that it depends on my mood, the vibe I want to achieve and also the preferences of the team and models I’m working with on the set, because if they feel GOOD the final product will probably (guaranteed 😉) be GOOD, or if not they’re at least going to have a GOOD time.

So during my shootings, you can expect everything from a calm and relaxing Tom Rosenthal, to the depressing tunes from Joy division or if the vibe is right, the wild rhythms of the IDLES

However, if we are talking about the artist I listen to most often, it’s definitely our very own 100 toes, studio DJ, Žiga Leški Kosič and his wild, untamed gramophones ha-ha.

Visit Andraž’s Instagram.


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